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324 N. Rose St.
Kalamazoo, MI


IPsens History:


IPsens Founded as Frontline Systems in Kalamazoo, MI

Operated as an IBM partner with particular focus on the development of software for the accounting community. Converted into the development of specialized software development for Parking Enforcement using hand held citation issuance devices.


Frontline Systems & Duncan Industries form Joint Venture Company, Duncan Management Solutions (DMS)

Frontline Systems joins the world's largest parking meter company Duncan Industries to become the development partner for the first integrated parking systems data management platform. Integrating revenue and maintenance data from parking meters with data from parking enforcement and general parking operations. The partnership launches "Integrated Systems" as a brand new standard for on-street parking operations world-wide.

Software solutions are deployed in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and many other cities in the United States and around the world.


Frontline Systems Renamed Integrated Parking Solutions "IPS" as the Joint Venture company with Duncan Industries came to an end.

IPS enters into a new era based on its many years of parking software development. At this time IPS had become the industry's premier developer of on-street parking software solutions. Deploying on platforms such as large scale IBM AS400 based networks.

During the transformative era IPS takes its software solutions through the transition to a network server Windows based architecture. IPS also launches its first bid for the development of a completely integrated Parking Enforcement System for the NYC Police Department. IPS wins this bid and is currently working to upgrade this system to the next generation cloud based technology. The New York City Parking Enforcement System continues to be the largest of its kind in the world.


IPS & Tuxen Integrated Systems form Joint Venture Company IPsens, LLC

IPsens was formed between IPS and Tuxen Integrated Systems based on a long time business relationship between the founders of each of these companies, going back to the formation of Duncan Management Solutions.

IPS with its solid foundation as an established software development company in the parking industry and Tuxen Integrated Systems with years of experience in integrated data systems design development and Internet-of-Things "IOT" technology implementation, such as wireless parking sensor technology, formed the perfect partnership for the launch of the next generation "Cloud Based" Parking Management Solutions.

IPsens has developed a series of parking availability management solutions for Universities, Commercial Shopping Centers and Corporate Campuses.

In addition IPsens has developed the new "Cloud Based" platform for its long-standing Enterprise Level iPro Parking Management Solution. Providing a custom tailored solution for large scale Government and other Enterprise users with specialized needs for a completely integrated solution, incorporating data from current and future hardware and 3rd party data systems into one comprehensive platform.

IPsens embraces the concept of "Open Data" sharing allowing its users maximum compatibility for sharing its data with whomever they choose.