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Corporate Campus Parking Manager

CCPM is designed and engineered for managing and overseeing your corporate parking facility. With employee, VIP, and visitor management modules to control separate types of user parameters as well as built in system diagnostics, analysis and remote repair functions coupled with a full suite of reporting modules, you will be empowered to easily manage and maintain your corporate parking operation.

Features &

Optimize use of existing parking infrastructures

On-going capacity optimization, by location and in total over multiple locations

Show users on-site parking availability via guidance signage

Management of mixed use lots


Get employees to the office faster

Enable management for Maximum Occupancy and Maximum Traffic Flow to automatically control the traffic density between the number of vehicles already parked and those still searching for a parking space

Provide real time and historical parking occupancy data and forecast parking traffic

Congestion management


Separate user interface for administrators, employees, and visitors

GIS data map of real time occupancy/availability by location(s)

Secure, remote server hardened against unauthorized access

Configuration and support of initial network service

Signage Control

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