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CPTA: Commercial Parking Traffic Analysis System

A commercial property management tool, designed for property owners, managers, tenants and customers to monitor and analyze traffic patterns and parking occupancy.

For many properties, overall parking availability is ample, but without the proper information, and the ability to share that information with the parking public, certain areas are overused, while others are neglected or remain unknown. This wastes time, fuel and causes unnecessary frustration for your facility's customers.

IPsens' Commercial Parking Traffic Analysis solution gives your team the ability to optimize the use of your existing parking assets.

Features &

Provide traffic metrics to be used as an element in securing new leases and continually demonstrate location benefits to existing tenants

Optimize the use of existing parking infrastructure and improving customer experience with real time parking availability

Equip tenants with real time, historical and parking occupancy information in order to allow them to set staffing levels according to expected traffic


Data analysis for property management

Optimize financial return on property to owner

Improve ease of parking access for customers

Enhance value to tenants through shared data analysis

Optimize use of existing parking infrastructure


Separate user interface for Administrator, Customers and Tenants

GIS data map of real time occupancy/availability by location(s)

Secure, remote server hardened against unauthorized access

Configuration and support of initial network service

Congestion management

Signage control

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