system design

IPsens' parking management systems are custom designed to optimize management of on- and off- street parking infrastructures. In developing each installation, we work with purchasers to address the needs and to design the most effective system for now and the future.

And because IPsens' systems are scalable and designed to grow, they are able to provide invaluable information as the infrastructure evolves.

But our systems are also capable of doing much more than that. IPsens' systems facilitate broad scale integration across multiple management platforms, so that information, previously dispersed, may come together to provide a richer and more coherent assessment of all the variable factors of city management.

IPsens' systems also provide information and analysis to municipal managers so they may better allocate shared assets. By doing so, cities can run more efficiently and more effectively. Reducing congestion, reducing waste, and improving a city's livability.

key insight

A 15-block, 1-year study by UCLA Professor Donald Shoup found that drivers who were looking for parking:

Drove an excess of 950,000 miles (4 trips to the moon, 38 trips around the Earth)

Wasted 47,000 gallons of gas (2.3 swimming pools)

Produced an estimated 730 tons of CO2 (heavier than a pod of 2 fully-loaded 747s)