lean + clean = green

Reducing waste is key to a cleaner, greener planet. Vehicle congestion and emissions reduction depends on improved efficiency. At IPsens we develop solutions that support an environmentally conscious approach to urban parking management.

Our systems enable drivers to find open parking by searching virtually, instead of physically. So drivers find a space sooner, get parked faster, and burn less gas looking for parking.

key insight

When cars at any given destination in a city (a block or group of blocks) occupy more than 85% of on-street parking spaces, then cars arriving at that destination are forced to circle the block for a few minutes in order to find an unoccupied parking space.

This small search time per car creates a surprisingly large amount of traffic congestion, because typically, many cars are searching for parking simultaneously during peak driving times. This wastes time and fuel and increases air pollution. Shoup calls the phenomenon of excess driving as a result of under-priced parking as "cruising for parking".

- The High Price of Free Parking - D. Shoup