needs assessment

At IPsens, we understand the importance of fully assessing the needs and influencing factors surrounding every job that we take on.

We work with purchasers to help them identify and address all stakeholders in any given project. We research and explore the impact and benefit our systems will provide from the perspective of the very people that will be enjoying that benefit.

We do it that way because we know that parking and its management effects residents, business owners, infrastructure providers, government entities, and more. And each have insights and input that drive factors of our system design and deployment phases.

Perhaps it's that type of custom approach and understanding of the 'big picture' that makes our process different.

key insight

Municipalities stand to gain as much a 30% decrease in congestion with the addition of parking guidance systems.

And that reduction in congestion translates into an increase in traffic flow and, potentially, productivity.

Plus, more efficient parking and reduced congestion also equates to improved access and equitable use of public space for storefront businesses.