A Parking Management Solution Designed as a Central Component in Building the Smart City of the Future

Cities present unique challenges when integrating data from disparate legacy data sources, such as revenue devices, enforcement, plant maintenance and operations. IPsens has decades of experience in developing and deploying such systems in large urban environments.

The key to our current and future systems deployment focuses on integration with legacy databases through open IP queries and the future integration directly to end devices though the Internet-of-Things (IoT)

The IPsens sensors based parking solutions are examples of devices currently deployed directly to our system as IoT devices.

Successful deployment of such diverse systems requires high-level experience in the process of systems development around an open IP standards core. Key elements to this process include:

Needs Assessment

IPsens welcomes the opportunity to consult with your city on your particular needs and requirements to draft a Smart City Parking data integration plan tailored to your specific situation.

Key Insight

Systems designed to be flexible and modular are shown to be more efficient and economical to scale.

Our software solutions are engineered to capitalize on the capabilities of our selected hardware in both large and small scale deployments.