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Truck Parking Manager

Improving Highway Safety

Truck Parking Manager from IPsens provides the solution for improving highway safety by addressing a key safety factor: driver fatigue. By providing OTR operator the ability to identify and use open rest areas, TPM helps keep drivers better rested and more alert, making the roads safer for everyone.

Truck Parking Manager also provides data driven insights into rest stop parking availability to administrators for distribution to Rest Area and DOT managers. It provides real-time and historical information about occupancy and availability, as well as enables administrators to analyze "use" data, providing information to inform policies about lot use and management.

Features &

User interface for Administrator(s)

GIS data map of real time occupancy/availability and dwell times

Data analysis for lot use by multiple criteria

Management of multiple lots or sites


Real time system hardware monitoring and diagnostic module and alerts on GIS data map

Remote manufacturer 2nd level hardware support

Firmware updates to sensor hardware upon release

Optional Work Order management module


User interface for Administrators & Managers

Remote updating and software support capability

Ongoing server maintenance to maximize up-time

Secure, remote server hardened against unauthorized access

Configuration and support of initial network service

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