better info + better plans = better cities

It's simple. A good plan requires good information. Better information improves insights and better solutions emerge. And when that happens, your community will run more efficiently and more effectively.

At IP sens we recognize that managing parking is only part of managing a much larger system, the city itself. That is why we develop solutions that utilize data to better understand what a community needs both in terms of parking and also as part of the greater system.

It's just one way that we take the solution to one problem and look at it to find solutions to more.

key insight

A 15-block, 1-year study by UCLA Professor Donald Shoup found that drivers who were looking for parking:

Drove an excess of 950,000 miles (4 trips to the moon, 38 trips around the Earth)

Wasted 47,000 gallons of gas (2.3 swimming pools)

Produced an estimated 730 tons of CO2 (heavier than a pod of 2 fully-loaded 747s)