iPro: Parking Management Solution

Developed for University Campus Requirements

Municipal parking operations can be complex and multifaceted, incorporating on- and off-street parking, surface lots and garages, the need for directional signage and occupancy data for public consumption, along with administrative 'use' data for management insights, and enforcement oversight capabilities. All the while integrating a multitude of hardware performing a variety of tasks that must not only be monitored but maintained and calibrated.

The iPro Parking Management Solution serves as the central data hub and end point for collecting, monitoring and analyzing this crucial input in an accessible and functional way. From our real-time occupancy monitor, administrators can see live parking use as it happens, and with our optional advanced maintenance monitoring we provide end-users transparency and manage work orders fluidly and efficiently to keep the system up and in top condition. All from a single portal.

IPsens brings 41 years of experience in the industry to help you change your data paradigms and provide for the seamless integration of all your parking data


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