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Featured in "The Parking Professional"

Opening Up Parking Management Technology

-By Gorm Tuxen/January 14, 2019

AS THE PARKING INDUSTRY HAS GROWN more technology-centric in recent years, software has become increasingly important. Today, the industry revolves around technology. Owners and operators rely on parking access and revenue control systems to

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Featured on "Parking Today"

Making Highways Safer with Parking Technology

-By Gorm Tuxen/January 14, 2019

Technology has transformed the parking industry in recent years, and now some of the same technologies that make parking more user-friendly and manageable are being used to make our highways safer. Anyone who has spent considerable time driving America’s highways knows how dangerous fatigued driving can be. Approximately one in every five fatal motor vehicle crashes involves driver fatigue, and a third of crashes involving a drowsy driver also result in injuries. Tired drivers are responsible for over 70,000 crashes a year, causing nearly 45,000 injuries.

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Featured on "Retail Operations Insights"

A High-Tech Solution To Long-Standing Problem

-By Gorm Tuxen/November 19, 2018

A common problem facing urban shopping centers is people often misuse their parking lots. Free parking at retail centers can present an irresistible temptation to people who live and work in surrounding businesses and neighborhoods where parking lots and garages charge an hourly rate.

This was the challenge facing Assembly Row, a large mixed-use project just outside Boston. The 40-acre development features 635,000 square feet of outlet shops and restaurants, 2.8 million square feet of office space, a 159-room hotel, and 1,800 residences — and thousands of parking spaces. Three hours of free parking is provided for the convenience of patrons of tenant shops and entertainment venues. "However, parking shortages had become a problem because the spaces were frequently used by commuters ...

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FDOT Project featured on

Florida to Connect State Rest Areas for Highway Safety

-By Skip Descant/July 20, 2018

The Florida Department of Transportation is working to install sensors across the state's 68 rest areas to take the guesswork out of parking for tired truckers.

Truckers in Florida will no longer have to wonder whether a rest area has available parking spots before exiting the highway. Sensors are to be installed in parking spaces to alert them to empty spots in all of the state's 68 rest areas and truck stops, via a mobile app and signage along the highway. The upgrades, being done by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), are intended to improve safety by making it easier for truckers to leave the highway when they get tired or approach the end of state-mandated travel times. "Our best estimate is that 1,859 spaces across the state will be monitored with these spaces," said Gorm Tuxen, president of IPsens,...

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The Importance of Maintenance Monitoring Featured in Parking Today

July 2018- As parking operations become more and more dependent on technology, the monitoring and up-time of the technology becomes essential. Read the article to learn how IPsens founder and CEO is helping forward the need for 3rd party monitoring of IoT devices and systems in this excellent article from Parking Today

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IPsens and partner IIS work with FDOT to make truck parking Safer

Miami, FL (July 16, 2018)-IPsens, a leading provider of cloud-based parking and transportation management solutions, announced today that its technology has been selected to manage the Florida Department of Transportation's (FDOT) T-Pass program in South Florida. The program uses parking guidance sensors installed in truck stop and rest area parking spaces to monitor individual space are availability and communicate that information to truck drivers via roadside signage. When drivers become fatigued or approach their mandated time for resting they can access the system via a special app and locate the closest available parking space.

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IPsens And Partners' Project Featured in Parking Today

Branson, MO (January 2, 2018)- IPsens along with their Data Alliance Partners, Indect, and Nedap Identification Systems, delivered on one of the largest parking sensor installations in the U.S. The partnership installed over 1400 inground parking sensors at Assembly Row shopping center in Boston, MA in 2017.

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IPsens Partners With Current, Powered By GETo Build Comprehensive Intelligent Environments To Reduce Energy Use

Branson, MO (November 17, 2016)- IPsens announced today that it has partnered with Current, powered by GE (NYSE: GE) as part of Current's partner ecosystem. Current, powered by GE is a digital startup that's helping commercial and industrial customers optimize energy use and drive operational efficiency.

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Branson, MO (June 29, 2015)- IPsens announced today that INDECT USA has joined the IPsens Data Alliance, an open systems exchange offering a variety of Cloud-hosted parking management solutions to parking owners and operators. The addition of INDECT to the Data Alliance provides access to the industry's best sensor-based parking guidance technology.

"We are very pleased to add INDECT to our growing list of Data Alliance partners," said...(read full release)

Mayor Bloomberg And Transportation Commissioner Sadik-khan Announce New Pilot Program To Pay Parking Meters Remotely And Launch Real-time Parking Availability Map

New York City (April 9, 2013)- Motorists Can Pay Remotely at 264 Parking Spaces Along 18 Blocks Near Arthur Avenue; No Coins, Credit Card Swipes or Receipts Needed Online Map and Smartphone App Will Display Current Parking Availability in the Pilot Area, Efficiently Directing Drivers to Open Spaces

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan today announced the start of two pilot programs allowing motorists to pay parking meter remotely via smartphone apps and to view real-time curbside parking availability within the Belmont Business ...(read full release)

Florida Department of Transportation Research Commercial Motor Vehicle Parking Trends at Rest Areas and Weigh Stations

A trillion or so pounds of freight move through Florida each year, mostly in semi tractor trailers. These trucks are a major presence on Florida's highways and come with major safety concerns. To reduce the possibility of collisions, drivers are specially trained and licensed. They also work under rules that require breaks and rest periods; yet, increasing commercial truck travel has led to greater demands...(read full release)


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